Nursery School for 8 Classes, Jászberény

open competition, february 2006
highest prize

Kiss Ida, Matúz Melinda, Németh Tamás, Szabó P. Nándor, Kamarás Bálint (TAAT),
Kovács Árpád (Új Irány Csoport), Tihanyi Dominika (Új Irány Csoport)

The aim of the competition was to join four kindergatens in one new building that this way would place 200 kids. This is not just a building to place the kids, but an active space, the first in a child's life away from the safe world of family, a place where first steps of being part of a community are taken. The core of the kindergarten is a space where children and parents meet, a dominant point of the town's community. Using of local forces as thermal water and sun is essential in this area to build an energy-efficient building.